Sunday, February 11, 2007


OK, so we all know it's lame...It's an inbred popularity contest, and many of the nominations inspire a "Wha...?" from musically educated people. However, just like an roadside accident you can't look away from, I always have to watch the Grammys. Every year, without fail, there are great moments, and there are cringe-inducing moments.

Here are some of my favorite great moments:
  • The Police!! (Need I say more?)
  • Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend, and John Mayer performing together!
  • Classy survivor Mary J. Blige getting some recognition!
  • Jazz legend Ornette Coleman honored with a lifetime achievement award, and actually allowed to appear on the program. I was laughing at how many idiots in the audience had no clue who he was!
  • Lifetime achievement awards for the Doors, the Grateful Dead, and Booker T and The MG's. Shouldn't they have been honored many years ago?
  • Realizing that Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks is married to Adrian Pasdar, who plays Nathan Petrelli in my favorite TV show "Heroes."
  • I especially loved the Grammy in the Schools segment, having been involved in that program in the past. It's too bad that the message often falls on deaf ears! The arts will never be a priority in our schools!
  • On a personal note: seeing my old friend and one-time "Fish This Big" bandmate Brendan Buckley (very vaguely on the edge of the screen) playing drums for Shakira.

Now for just a few of the "Cringe-Inducers":
  • James Blunt...I'm glad he didn't win anything
  • Rascall Flats butchering the Eagles! The guitar player messed up twice during the "Hotel California" solo. You can't play such a recognized solo and make a mistake!
  • The ridiculous attempt to seem relevant by staging an "American Idol" type of contest, where the winner gets to perform onstage with Justin Timberlake. Who cares?
  • Justin Timberlake

Of course, there are always a few tearjerkers, especially when they remind you of who we lost in the last year. Is it me, or did we lose quite a few important ones this year? I still can't believe JB is gone, as well as Syd Barrett and Arthur Lee!

It always seems like only about 50% of the music nominated is actually cutting-edge or even remotely relevant, and I'm probably being generous with that number. Next year is the 50th Grammy Award Ceremony. Perhaps to mark the occasion they will actually try to get somewhere near 70%!
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