Thursday, September 04, 2008

Are The Slackers No Longer Slacking?

I just read this great piece in the LA Times Blog about how musicians from my generation have begun taking up political activism. Of course, traditionally, these causes would be taken up the youngest generation of musicians, but I think the irony here is that when we were the youngest generation of musicians, we didn't necessarily care that much about causes. That's probably one of the reasons we were called "slackers." As it turns out, however, there may be hope for those of us who are "past our prime." I think the original piece speaks even more eloquently to this:

Rage Against the Machine in Minnesota and the state of political pop | Soundboard | Los Angeles Times

Of course, Rage Against The Machine has always cared about causes, so they were the exception to this rule. In fact, when I saw Tom Morello on his solo acoustic tour a few months ago, I walked out of there convinced that he should run for office! In this video, which is also linked on the LA Times article, Rage performs several tunes a cappella when their performance is cut off at the "Ripple Effect Festival" in Minnesota protesting the RNC convention. I give you the video here, you know, in case you're too much of a slacker to read the article!

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