Monday, July 27, 2009

Mecca for Musicians

Over the years, I have heard many of my students ponder the age-old question: "Where should I move after I graduate?" Ten years ago, the answer was "Los Angeles, New York, or Nashville." I think most people agree that this is no longer the only answer, but are there still certain areas that are music "Meccas?"

A new study has come out that provides some interesting data. The original article is here, and Hypebot provides an analysis of it here.

While this may not provide definitive answers, I think the results are intriguing. I was happy to see that Boston was in the top ten of the "Bands With Fans" list! Don't forget to read the comments on both posts as well. I'd be interested to hear your comments here, if you have the time. 

Hypebot Analysis
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