Friday, September 22, 2006

Gig Stories, Part 1

Here are some quotes I’ve heard over the years when playing gigs:

•“You guys are too loud; Could you turn it down an octave or two?”
•“Is this one of those ‘My-dee’ setups?” (he meant MIDI. A similar one a friend at Guitar Center shared with me recently: “Could I get an M-one-D-one cable?”)
•“Do you guys know _____________?” (insert one of the following: Freebird, Stairway to Heaven, Macarena, Electric Boogie, Achy Breaky Heart, Old Time Rock And Roll, Brown-Eyed Girl, Misty, etc.
•“Do you take requests? What songs do you play?” (This is a weird one. They basically want me to tell them our entire song list, so they can pick which song they want us to play next)
•“Play something else!”

The following usually start with the line “I’m a musician,” which usually prompts me to think “then why aren’t you working on a Saturday night?”:
•“Can I sit in with you? Do you know ‘Freebird’?” (This one often ends in disaster)
•“Can I play your guitar?”
•“I think there are some problems with your mix. The ________ isn’t loud enough.” (insert vocals, guitar, bass, or keyboards. They never say this about drums.)

Many of the above quotes are shouted at me while I’m in the middle of playing a guitar solo! More to come…..
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