Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Is Indie Rock Taking Over?

Well, maybe it's not taking over yet, but it is certainly gaining a foothold. A perusal of this week's Billboard Charts will tell you, for instance, that Arcade Fire's "Neon Bible," number one on the Independent Album chart, is number 18 on the Top 200 Album chart, and number 3 on the Top Digital Album chart. There are a few others as well. There is also quite a stir among the experts, who all see the signs and predict that it will continue to grow (see this article by Steven Van Zandt, for instance.)

Does this mean that people are beginning to pay for music that is more "artistic" and less commercially accessible? Eschewing "hooks" for musical integrity? Looks like it to me. Maybe you don't have to be "hungry" to create art after all. What do you think?
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