Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break Trip, Day 3

We had a long day of rehearsals at the Victor Hugo Theater today, and it was well worth it. The jazz bands and jazz vocal group did an awesome job! I'm especially proud of my singers, as only half the group came on the trip! I have six girls in the group, and only three were able to make it. I did have to cheat a little, though: None of my altos came, so I'm singing alto.

After the concert, some of the faculty went to a cafe for dessert. They were doing Karaoke there. French Karaoke is a little strange, but they really get into it.

Tomorrow morning, we pack up and drive to Switzerland for a few days, with a classical concert on Sunday and a jazz one on Monday. We'll see how the internet access is there. Au revoir for now!
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